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eva01beserk said:
VAMatt said:

What would MS need to do to give you the impression that they're turning it around?  I largely agree with your critiques of the last decade of xbox. But, it seems very clear to me over the last two to three years that they are turning it around. Acquiring and building new studios, innovative new business model with Gamepass, offering multiple next generation console options.....  Basically, it's hard for me to understand what else you would want to see from them.

The problem here is that what you mentioned as pros I and others see it as cons. I for one dont agree with the gamepass model as I belive it can only lead to a race to the bottom. It will just lead to smaller games that could be spit out at low cost. Building new studios is a good thing, but they are not doing that, they are buyng eisting studios wich is just depriving others of the oportunity to play thouse games. Multiple consoles is also bad as it lowerd the targeted specs of games being developed. I wana buy a console that plays the best games possible, not the besst upscaled games. I would love for MS to not try to change what gaming is know for cuz they will just damage it. If they tried to be more traditionalist then I would consider joining their ecosystem. 

That really does not work for a game service.  Why would they make smaller games for low cost.  They just purchase a publisher who makes very expensive games and you believe they will stop them from making those types of games for smaller shorter games.  Instead a game service needs a large library of different types of games, From your AAA, AA to Indie you name it. The Breath of the games is what makes people get a sub and keep the sub, not a bunch of smaller games or GAAS etc.  As others have stated, MS needs a number of exclusives that come out to the service within a given year to gain subs.  Once MS is at a certain level of Subs, the service pays for all development.  People look at gamepass and think, a game now a day cost 50 to 100 million but those only happen throughout the life of development for the game.  The service will be bringing in Billions of dollars each year.  If anything MS needs the studios they purchase to keep doing what they do best because trying to change them up to do something different or outside their specialty causes to much risk and lead to failure.  The Traditional model is going to be dead.  Apple, Google, Amazon or some big Chinese player is coming and they are looking that the subscription service.  Content is going to be king and developers will need that cushion where taking risk could mean you are out of a job because you did not meet your sells.  Actually this will also help out those mid tier type of games.  Those games where production is just high enough to cause issue selling at 70 bones or better.