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eva01beserk said:
VAMatt said:

What would MS need to do to give you the impression that they're turning it around?  I largely agree with your critiques of the last decade of xbox. But, it seems very clear to me over the last two to three years that they are turning it around. Acquiring and building new studios, innovative new business model with Gamepass, offering multiple next generation console options.....  Basically, it's hard for me to understand what else you would want to see from them.

The problem here is that what you mentioned as pros I and others see it as cons. I for one dont agree with the gamepass model as I belive it can only lead to a race to the bottom. It will just lead to smaller games that could be spit out at low cost. Building new studios is a good thing, but they are not doing that, they are buyng eisting studios wich is just depriving others of the oportunity to play thouse games. Multiple consoles is also bad as it lowerd the targeted specs of games being developed. I wana buy a console that plays the best games possible, not the besst upscaled games. I would love for MS to not try to change what gaming is know for cuz they will just damage it. If they tried to be more traditionalist then I would consider joining their ecosystem. 

Well, yes, if you want gaming to stagnate, Microsoft is not delivering that at this time.  But, your concerns about reducing the quality of games going forward, or cutting off people from playing some franchises are unfounded at this point.  It is certainly possible that that happens, but it is not in line with what Microsoft is saying. So, I think we need to see those problems come about before we can consider them as negatives.

While it's obviously true that Microsoft is mostly buying studios, it is not accurate that they haven't built any.  

Anyway, my question stands. I'd like to know what the commenter wants to see from XB.