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I was actually fearing worse since proprietary systems are always expensive, but yeah, it's still very expensive.

For comparison, A 1TB Mushkin Pilot-E, which is faster than the SSD in the XSX, is only 118€ - and that's with VAT included. You can get a faster 2TB NVMe SSD for a similar price these days.

Imaginedvl said:
V-r0cK said:

Starting at $219.99US for a 1TB! Almost the same price as the Xbox Series S.

Good thing it's just an (expensive) optional choice or else it'll burn up in flames like the Vita lol

"You can continue to use your USB 3.1+ external hard drives on Xbox Series X & run Xbox One, 360 and OG Xbox games directly from the external USB HDD. Games optimized for Xbox Series X & Velocity Architecture need to be run from the internal SSD or the Expandable Storage Drive"

Well, "Crazy" expensive is not really what it is :)

SSD with that throughput today (I guess PCIe 4.0 only) is probably in that range... And this is a custom piece of hardware.
While not being cheap, this is not crazy expensive.

Just as a reference (PCIe 4.0 as it is probably the closest in term of performance):

No, 220$ is not crazy expensive at all... 

For the speed of the SSD in the XSX, PCIe 3.0 is plenty fast enough. For the PS5 SSD, a PCIe 4.0 connector would be needed, but not the one in the XSX.

As such, you can compare with any NVMe SSD with both read and write speeds (both to give Microsoft the benefit of the doubt) over 2400 MB/s, which is the supposed speed of the XSX SSD.

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