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sales2099 said:
Runa216 said:

Oh, it is. that's why it hurts so much and why I'm booing so loudly. I always secretly and quietly hope they turn it around, because one thing you and I agree on is that Microsoft does well it's good for everyone. If Microsoft makes great games, it's good for everyone. I just don't have any history to pull from that indicates to me that they're going to do that. My expectation based on past history is that it's just 5 outstanding franchises going to die on a console that has basically nothing else. 

Assuming they're going exclusive (they'd be dumb not to, given the circumstances), that just brings Microsoft's trinity to include Doom, Wolfenstein, and Elder Scrolls. So...two more shooters and a western RPG. the brand as a whole is still stunningly American-Centric. That's not bad, but it's still only one marketplace. Elder Scrolls and Fable are Western Fantasy RPGs. Forza is a racing game (which while very American actually is the most international of their brands). Halo, Gears of War, Doom, and Wolfenstein are all western shooters. I like Doom, but not enough to buy a console. I love skyrim and it's almost enough to make me want to buy a console for its sequel. nothing else matters, but losing Elder Scrolls hurts. 

I can still buy it on PC but hot damn my PC is not strong enough to run a next-gen game. 

Point is, I'm just blathering like a baby here because I'm grumpy that Xbox won so hard with this acquisition and I don't get to benefit from it. 

Well at least you are being honest with this. Many would put on a fake face and twist the narrative if they didn’t like this news. Props to you on that. 

Been trying to be honest and forthright as I can. Have I ever given you the impression I don't say exactly what I mean? 

Honestly, I think we'd all be better if we just outright said that 90% of our comments come from a place of bias. I wasn't biased last gen because I had both consoles - Microsoft just wasn't doing it for me and their sales numbers indicate I'm not the only one - but this generation I don't have that luxury. 

First world problems, I know.

My responses to this are strictly selfish. I'm not gonna pretend this is bad for Microsoft OR for Bethesda. I'm not going to go on some stupid rant about how this is anti-consumer or try to act like I wouldn't be cheering if it was my 'side' that did the same thing. I'm not going to whine and cry about how this is some karmic justice against Sony or how this is offensive or try to push false narratives about various factors. My stance is simple: I'm getting a PS5, I can't afford to get an XSX as well, so any games that are exclusive to the XSX are essentially lost to me. That sucks. when Sony loses out on something, I lose something as well. I want Sony to 'win' because it means I win by proxy and get more games. 

I still think Sony has a far, FAR stronger lineup and I can live without doom or Wolfenstein or Dishonoured or whatever, but man that Elder Scrolls is a hell of a loss. Kudos to your team. 

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