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AkimboCurly said:

But to push back a bit on your point... Game pass as a model has a much higher capacity to bring in cash than selling consoles. 

Is it? I don't think so. Every console manufacter gets cuts from licensing, other fees, etc. Especially nowadays, when over 70% of games sales is digital. Even MS spokeperson said they aint making big bucks from GP for now. Yearly sub cost is less than two new games.

Look, Sony in Q1 2020 has shipped barely 2M or even less iirc, but they make record numbers in Games/Network Services. The games 'sales ( 18M exclusive games sold, 91M overall) and plus subs( almost 45M) were the topdogs. This is where the money come from.

I dont see anything profitable in this model, it is meant to disrupt the market, win some PR and stuff.