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If I had to pinpoint 1 event that turned me from a gamer to an avid gamer, it would have to be seeing the Legend of Zelda on NES for the 1st time. I had already been playing video games on ColecoVision (plus Atari 2600 games with the expansion adapter), Intellivision (at my grandparent's house) and my family's TRS-80 Color Computer 2. ColecoVision and Intellivision were both casualties of the North American Video Game Crash of '83. So, I had to continue to get by on the games I already had throughout the mid to late 80's. My parent's got us an Atari 7800 in Christmas of '87 that we weren't too impressed by. I remember playing Pole Position II on it and not much else. One day my brother's friend brought over his NES and The Legend of Zelda. I was instantly blown away and we immediately began pleading for an NES for the next Christmas. I've owned every Nintendo home console since (and most of the handhelds).