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What was the game that really got you into becoming dedicated into gaming to the point where you began paying attention to the industry as a whole?

For me I would say I really got to dedicated gaming late in 2013 when I was 13.

Before that I've always enjoyed video games as I played my first video game Mario Party 7 in 2005 when I got a Gamecube and I played my Wii and DS a decent amount as well.

However, the game that really got me into becoming a dedicated gamer was Super Mario 3D World, I got a Wii U Christmas of 2013 and started paying attention to the console wars when I heard the Wii U was struggling. I decided I wanted a Wii U cause I was intrigued by the Gamepad and wanted to play Super Mario 3D world desperately. I ended up playing that game to death and it made me passionate about gaming.