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LivingMetal said:
chakkra said:

And how about Avowed, Fable, Everwild, HB2, Sea of Thieves, Grounded, Battletoads, Gunk, and Tell Me Why? Are those part of the "Xbox identity" as well?

Another thing, so you're telling me that they recently hired some 3rd party developers to develop exclusive games for them, and went out their way to buy timed-exclusivity in a bunch of other games, but somehow the games developed by their own studios will be multiplatform?

No.  Well... Fabled I'd say yes because it's been safely associated with the Xbox brand for sometime now.  Sea of Thieves, too new from my perspective to have much emotional investment/impact.  And even as someone who missed out on Battletoads during the NES I just see is as another solid option for Xbox.  These are just a few examples.  But there is more of a "wow" factor when you consider Mario and Zelda on a Nintendo platform similar to Uncharted, God of War, and Bloodborne on a PlayStation platform.  This seems to be the GENERAL perception in opposite of the titles you just mentioned.  So let's see if Microsoft will practice what they preach and take the high road by allowing their newly acquired developers to develop as they've been which benefits everyone.

Well, they are already "not practicing what they preach" with all the aforementioned cases. That was always a PR bs statement by Phil related to Xcloud more than anything else. I actually find it funny that Phil has always been accused of being a liar on this site, but somehow this is the one thing that people have chosen to believe.