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sales2099 said:
Leynos said:
*sigh* yay monopolies. But at the very least stay away from Japanese studios and publishers.

Well to be fair a monopoly is defined by market share, not the assets of a corporation. So going by this basic definition of a monopoly it’s actually Sony that needs to be taken down a peg to allow proper competition in the gaming industry.

The Bethesda purchase will go a ways in helping achieve the “balance” that gen 7 had. But that’s not enough. Mainland Europe and Asia will be tougher to crack. 

Microsoft's monopoly stems back to the 1990s where they were a monopoly due to unethical business tactics which to their favor resulted them the financial foothold that they have today.  This is referring to Microsoft as a whole in which Sony is nowhere near the market dominance that Microsoft has in their general perceived markets.  So you are correct in terms of market share which applies to Microsoft.  And while there is nothing wrong with financially acquiring studios, it's reasonable to question Microsoft's potential affect to innovation and creativity to the industry given their past and similar (if not same) current actions.  Not everyone can compete equality on innovation and creativity, but to compete financially in this context isn't even competition at all.

Last edited by LivingMetal - on 23 September 2020