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VAMatt said:
I don't understand why everyone thinks that MS is going to make the Bethesda games XB/PC exclusive. It wouldn't make sense from a business perspective to buy a company that gets half of its sales from Playstation, then stop releasing their games on Playstation. It would probably erase more than 50% of the value of the company that they just bought. MS is a giant company, run exclusively "by the numbers". There's no console war BS going on on that board room. It's a bunch of smart business people figuring out how to make more money. And, buying companies and stripping out half of their sales on purpose is not an effective way to do that.

Exactly. It's stupid to believe that it'd be practical to spend that much money, then strip half your consumer base from being able to buy the games, effectively cutting into your future profits with the companies you just bought out.

It makes more sense to just run things the way they currently are, by selling to as many as possible. Them upside to MS owning these now, is that Sony cannot outright bribe Bethesda for future titles to go exclusive to PS5, because MS owns them directly. Either that or MS takes the silly bribe and pockets more cash, but if I were them, I'd deny the bribe and just keep going forward with business operations. 

There's a reason why MS kept making sure Minecraft reached as many platforms as possible. They'll do the same with these studios as well. They don't care about one box of plastic, because they are more focused on creating a single giant ecosystem.

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