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I think Microsoft will fundementally shift/change/break a lot of the traditional market.

They are looking at the future of the business and want to secure the market for the Netflix of games before Google/Sony/Amazon/Netflix itself get there.

That and streaming too raises a lot of questions. It's not about platforms for MS, think they are looking at it as services and they want to be on top.

I've tried xCloud ($1 intro month, why not) on Android phones ... and y'know it is basically very playable. The lag is really not that perceptible and I don't even have the greatest connection. I'm able to play a fast paced fighting game even like Killer Instinct and pull of combos without much fuss. 

What is the console market when people don't need a console and can just play even the highest end games on any display they feel like (phone, tablet, PC, TV) just through an app, with 5G becoming eventually the standard, in 5, 6, 7 years, you can sorta see what MS is thinking. With no hardware, everything is a service and if they have the defacto service, well then they have the last laugh over Sony. 

I don't think the console market is stabilizing ... I think it's headed for some potentially massive changes. Even software pricing, what is $60-$70 for one single game when a service is offering you 200-300 games, including new release titles, for only $10 a month. 

Last edited by Soundwave - on 22 September 2020