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numba one - Carl2291 is currently the one and only on this list. Mainly for making fun of the Netherlands inability to win the worldcup, but also for glorifying a team that shouldn't even be allowed to participate based on the results the past 54 years which is to be exact NOTHING. Secondly for changing his username, what a crybaby

numba two - Darwinianevolution thinks he can correct me on my own damned state of mind, well thats where he is WRONG and thus is my second listed person, that will teach him!

numba tree - Rolstoppable is just mad that his team hasn't even made it past the first round ever in EC

numba four - Metallox ALMOST likes everyone, but not everyone I cant tolerate such obvious intolerant behaviour those poors souls he doesn't like must feel horrible. AND IS A GRAMMERSNOB WHO LIKE CAPITAL LETTERS

numba fife - Leynos while this guy is generally in the cool corner, he can't be tolerated at all for implying I steal stuff if anything I merely improve and adapt

numba sex - intrinsic tries being funny, doesn't work, BUT its still better then everything else he usually posts and many times over i might add, thus his inclusion was not even a questionmark

numba sieben - viv well this one doesn't need an explanation really

numba 8 - eagle367 this guy has got some serious illusions about his status in the pack, best leave him be unless he engages. CANT EVEN PLAY FOOTBALL LMAO

numba 9 AND 10 - Padip and Ka-pi96 boring ass bitches

numba 11 - gregroy, don't tell me what to do you cavia

numba ... - the mod who closes this

Last edited by kirby007 - on 23 September 2020

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