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Norion said:
src said:

Update with the new PS5 event:

Sept Event | Reveal Event

Youtube (concurrent viewers): 1.2M | 2M
Twitch (PS channel) : 377k | 1.01M
Twitch (all channels) : 2.14M | 3.05M
Twitter (PS account) : 434k (<1 day) | 323k

Hardware reveal youtube views:

SW: 44 million

PS4: 39 million

PS5: 32 million

XSX: 14 million

XB1: 8 million

Expected smaller viewership for the secondary event but Playstation's metrics are in another league compared to Xbox or Nintendo.
The price reveal on Twitter has broken gaming records and will most likely go on to become the most liked gaming tweet of all time (it already is from an official account).

With how well incredibly well the Switch is doing right now could this not mean that these metrics aren't that predictive? They'll have some predictive power for sure but I don't know how much exactly.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe = 26.74 million units
Animal Crossing = 22.4 million units
Zelda BOTW = 20 million units
Smash Bros Ultimate = 19.99 million units 
Super Mario Odyssey = 18.06 million units 
God Of War 2018 = ~10 million units
Final Fantasy 7 Remake = 5 million units
The last of US 2 = 4 million units

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