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zealen said:
I am considering buying a monitor for nexgen. Never played on a 144hz 1ms monitor and I guess this gen it may be worth for console gaming. Anyone who have experience with it on PC gaming can tell me how much of a game changer is it? Thanks :)

Been playing on 144Hz for 5 years. It's a huge step up to 60Hz, not just for competitive games. I would absolutely advise against it.

120Hz is good enough and not a big difference to 144Hz. Consoles won't give you more than that. If you lock yourself to 144Hz you will also be fucked whenever it comes to display technologies. There still aren't any proper 144Hz 4k monitors which meant I could not upgrade my monitor for years because manufacturers and display standards were lacking behind. There was plenty of choice for 120Hz, but who wants to downgrade. I still consider getting that 144Hz monitor one of the biggest mistakes I made when buying hardware. I am currently in the process of getting used to 120Hz because from a consumer standpoint that is the best place to be.

Unless you really know what you're getting yourself into I would not consider a monitor for a console at all. There are plenty of alright 120Hz TVs now.

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