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I didn't know whether to put this in general or gaming forums but I guess it could go in either. OK so I'm about to buy a new TV. 

Next gen is coming up and I want to be ready for it plus my current TV is old anyway. 

My two options are:

Philips Oled 754 55inch £989 ($1276)


Samsung Qled Q75t 55inch £999 ($1298)

They're both 4k with HDR10+ however the Philips picture is definitely more crisper with is being Oled. But it has a slow Input lag for gaming at 33ms

The Samsung has the lesser picture quality but has a gaming mode which reduces the input lag to 9ms

I'm not a pro gamer so i don't know whether I'm taking the ms too seriously however I do play on some shooters with my friends and I'd like to be half decent on them So I'm not sure whether the ms speed will make a difference. 

I'd like to know what you would do and your reasoning.

PSN ID: Stokesy 

Add me if you want but let me know youre from this website