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fauzman said:
I am especially interested in the youtube viewing stats you put up for the PS4/5 & One X/series X. You can see that there was a huge difference in the views for the PS4 compared with One X. For the PS5 and series X, the PS5 is still leading in views but the gap is a gair bit closer. Thus reinforces the impression (IMO) that while the PS5 will will this gen, the series X will be considerably more competitive than last gen.

Thats just the views for the reveal video. Bear in mind, these videos can be run as ads, and so can be misleading. Its easy to spot an ad by the likes to views ratio over time.

If you look at the entire social media view, PS5's metrics are around 4x greater than XSX, and considering these social media sites lean heavily to American populations (to a lesser extent European), this does not bode well for XSX.

The gap is bigger.