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Mr Puggsly said:
Norion said:

Anyone thinking that is being silly yeah. The Series X and PS5 will be just fine since they're better pieces of hardware than the PS4 and Xbox One were back in 2013. What I hope is if an advanced big game years from now is having trouble running on the Series S instead of changing the game to make it run better they'll just release it running poorly on the S so it doesn't get held back for everyone else.

The seemingly simple solution to make a game work well on Series S is just lower the resolution and other visual settings. Almost all of Xbox's library has PC releases, so they're already designed to work on wildly varying specs.

We should also consider Xbox One didn't just lower resolution in every game compared to PS4. Sometimes other effects were reduced or removed for the sake of more stable performance. In spite of that, the overall presentation wasn't bad in Xbox One titles.

My only concern is developers run into a problems with Series S having downgraded memory. GPU and CPU issues shouldn't be a problem though. You lower visual settings to compensate for GPU while CPU is virtually the same. MS already clarified games will apparently be smaller on Series S, my conclusion is Series S games may get lower quality textures to compensate for the memory downgrade.

I've seen developers say it's not quite as easy as reducing stuff like resolution but I'm not an expert so I'll try to be more optimistic that things will be fine. The Series S having worse ram than the One X is the aspect that concerns me the most. My thinking is that Microsoft probably tried to make the GPU and ram be as weak and slow as possible without holding things back but with them trying to get close to that line they might've gone over it a tad. I do hope you're right though.