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Mr Puggsly said:
Norion said:

The Series X will be a much better purchase long term since in a few years games could be running poorly on the S. I'd only recommend the S if someone really can't afford the X or for getting a second Xbox for whatever reason.

Whether or not Series S games will run poorly is uncertain, but there is certainly more potential for Series X games run better.

But like the OP said, if you just want access to the games and the highest fidelity isn't important, then a Series S should be fine. For $200, that's something people will consider.

You're right it's uncertain but with how poorly late gen games can run on consoles it makes me feel pessimistic about it. Control is a great example. It also depends on someone's standards since if by 2025-2027 the Series S is running games at 720p 30fps I'd consider that really poor performance but other people might not. It won't be $200 right away but it should get there by 2023-2024 and at that price it will be very attractive. Either way people should look at stuff like digital foundry videos before deciding if the Series S would be fine for them.