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freedquaker said:

Something puzzles me about the Xbox fans who defend that Series S is a perfectly fine machine with 1440p resolution but Series X is better than PS5 as it has the brute force advantage. This whole sentence is perplexing to even entertain and damn contradictory. If Series S with 1/3 of the GPU power of Series X is perfectly fine doing 1440p, then PS5 with 85% of the power of Series X has only negligible power differential. If Series S can do 1440p, then PS5 can do 1800p or higher, which 99% of the people will not be able to tell! So please stop exaggerating the power differential, it's not there.

However, for $100 more money, the power gap between Series S and Playstation 5 is HUGE, not only the GPU gap (2.5x times), but also larger and much faster SSD, with practically the same fidelity as the Series X is a no brainer. With Playstation digital, you basically get the Series X power but with Playstation exclusives.

Series S is only good for those who could not care about the resolution at all (for young kids who wouldn't know better, as a gift where price is priority, or if you do not have or plan to have a TV better than 1080p). Other than that,  Xbox Series S is a deal breaker (compared to Playstation 5) although in a vacuum, it's a perfectly fine console (and what consoles should be, small, sleek, efficient, and humble).

Just to correct something...

1800p (3200 x 1800): Is actually a 30% difference pixel count.

The PS5, with its 17% power difference would more likely in the worst-case scenarios see dips from 3456 x 1944 (19% difference) to 3548 x 2016 (12% difference). Those are also all true 16:9 resolutions (divisible by 8) so easier to scale. And this is all deterministic, resolution scaling is a direct by-product of shader proficiency. Because that exactly what the shaders do, color pixels.

This doesn't mean in any way through that the PS5 will be running games at any one of those listed resolutions constantly though. Is kinda like this instead; XSX@4K30fps is actually running internally at something like 4K45fps most of the time but outputting a steady 30fps. That FPS buffer of 15fps is what keeps framerates from dropping below 30fpswhen things get busy.

The PS5 thus has some leeway. So the PS5 would be internally running the same game at like 4K35fps most of the time, but those times when things get busy, the XSX will hold its native 4K rez and maintain its 30fps, while or the PS to maintain ts 30fps it would've to drop the native rez down to like 2016p.

These however are all things that would be impossible to notice.