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freedquaker said:
d21lewis said:

Microsoft seems to be much better equipped this gen.
-They have the power advantage that everyone made such a big deal about last gen.
-They have a price advantage with the Series S
-Game Pass with EA is a hell of a value
-They've pretty much made Xbox portable with the streaming service
-The studios they've purchased should start paying off any day now...🙄
-They have the payment plan option so existing subscribers can get an S or even an X pretty painlessly--and the streaming app should create a wealth of new subscribers.

On paper, they're in a good place and poised to do but business.

Sony has the brand power, loyalty, and consumer trust. It's going to be an interesting battle, this time opposed to the 8th gen where PS4 held every advantage before the consoles even launched.

*Haven't watched the video yet. I'm in bed and my wife is still asleep

Something puzzles me about the Xbox fans who defend that Series S is a perfectly fine machine with 1440p resolution but Series X is better than PS5 as it has the brute force advantage. This whole sentence is perplexing to even entertain and damn contradictory. If Series S with 1/3 of the GPU power of Series X is perfectly fine doing 1440p, then PS5 with 85% of the power of Series X has only negligible power differential. If Series S can do 1440p, then PS5 can do 1800p or higher, which 99% of the people will not be able to tell! So please stop exaggerating the power differential, it's not there.

It is "perfectly fine", for the targeted audience... Not people like us on forums.

It isn't contradictory in the slightest. They are different products with different purposes.

The series X does have more power, how that translates to games will reveal itself in time. To say the power gap isn't there is just a lie.