Mnementh said:
Ka-pi96 said:
If you didn't buy games from shitty companies you wouldn't buy games full stop. EVERY SINGLE ONE is shitty!

Well, maybe some indies with five people aren't that shitty.

Depends, are they called Slaughtering Grounds? There are some indie developers who actually could give some AAA a run for their money in terms of shittyness or anti-consumerism.

And while they all tend to be shitty, the AAA companies very easily take the cake by being deeply exploitative on top of it, both to their employees and their consumers. For them, having their cakes and eating them too is just plain not enough...

Edit: Just for the record: My last titles I bought from:

EA: Dragon Age: Origins on (PC)

Activision Blizzard: Marvel: Ultimate Alliance(Wii)

Ubisoft: Child of Light: Ultimate Edition, Just Dance 2018 (both for the Switch and for my Wife. Last game I bought for myself was South Park: The Stick of Truth on PC)

Bethesda: TES: Morrowind (PC, though admittedly I got some of the modern Wolfenstein titles through Humble Bundle and the like)

Epic: Unreal Tournament 2004

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