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@HoangNhatAnh I'm not sure why that is directed (partially) to me, or how you are actually replying to my post which you quoted...
If you aren't actually wanting to reply to the points I raised, I'd appreciate you not quoting me in the future.
When I quote people I "trim" down their comment to whatever part I'm actually responding to (with necessary context),
but if you aren't actually responding to anything I wrote at all, it doesn't seem helpful to discussion to use quotes at all.

I've commented multiple times on how no-disc ensures they earn money back from $100 discount (more than drive price).
Of course many gamers are buying games digitally now even while owning a console with a disc drive, for whom this is pure win.
OTOH, some gamers buy discs for their collection and never sell them, so this isn't matter of price, they just want the drive, period.

Honestly I find that "deal" to be worst for XSS which is lowest spec option and one marketted at most budget conscious consumers.
They will be ones saddled with worst game buying options and spend more in long run, despite not getting full nextgen experience.


Anyways, it seems like this isn't really discussing the relative sales prospects in launch season. Whether or not anybody here's personal preference is drawn to one model or the other has little to do with that, there are all sorts of people with all sorts of preferences and financial budgets. Deals that are more expensive in long run but have short term advantage often end up with significant popularity, even if we think that is exploitative situation... it's certainly relevant to REAL SALES which AFAIK is the topic.

Can anybody answer my question on actual history of holiday season launch sales? I have vague idea MS has historically done better there than it's total sales overall, perhaps due to American market being more attached to idea of Christmas consumerism? But I'm not sure of the details there exactly. Doesn't seem fruiful to discuss without having that factual basis.

Last edited by mutantsushi - on 17 September 2020