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eva01beserk said:
Now that the digital ps5 price is confirmed at $400. The Xbox dosent stand a chance not even in the US anymore. An series s is just not worth it.

I do think the PS5 digital and even the Series X at $499 offer better value but a lot of people will just see $299 and go for it.

HoangNhatAnh said:
Norion said:

It was already almost guaranteed but after today there's no more chances for Sony to fuck up so they'll win worldwide for sure but in specific countries like the US they might not.

To you all:

PS5 digital in the long run will be more expensive than ps5 disc drive since you can't resell your old games with it anymore.

I agree that the disc drive PS5 is better value but many will just see the significantly cheaper price and pick that one. If someone doesn't sell or lend their games the digital one is a no-brainer however.