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If Sony drops price on PS4/Pro at this point, it wouldn't be aimed at "core" markets as much as global markets with less personal income to spend.
Honestly I might wonder about the case for a discless PS4/Pro which presumably would have similar payoff in terms of online sales VS disc retail.
I don't really see Sony interested in two separate PS4 skus though, so they would have to decide between base and Pro spec, and would need to
re-engineer either for new APU process and so forth in order to minimize costs to make it worthwhile. Not sure if this is big priority, even if legit.
Probably more impactful is some sort of installment/lease like MS is doing, and ironically I believe Sony still owns it's own bank in Japan,
so that sort of business shouldn't be anything new for them, even if if theywould still rope in 3rd party bank (like MS is doing) as funding partner.