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kirby007 said:
vivster said:
I was already getting my hopes up when rumors came up about an actual fantasy setting similar to FFIX. Guess I shouldn't have expected anything. It doesn't look worse than the pile of shit FFXV was, but it doesn't really look much better. I called FFXV early to be absolute garbage and I was right. So yeah, I'm calling this one early too.

Where is my whimsical and magical Final Fantasy? What's with all that gritty angsty bullshit? I didn't ask for fucking Game of Thrones. The next gen is already off to a disappointing start. FFXVI was my last hope to have something to look forward to.

its called dragon quest

DQ isn't whimsical, it's tragic and hardcore.

FFIX, FFX and FFXIII are whimsical.

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