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NightlyPoe said:

Personally, I wish Nintendo had a few more teams to work on some of their fallow IP. Though I am glad they're farming things out a bit more these days.

I agree. I can remember that Nintendo's President Shuntaro Furukawa said not too long ago that (on a Q&A of a financial report I guess) that they are currently not interested in buying 3rd party studios because it would be very difficult to infuse into them the Nintendo identity (which stands for a special Nintendo quality, creativity and innovation). Although, I personally think there are lots of talented 3rd party studios around that would complement Nintendo's lineup with more diversity and the respective 3rd party studio's own quality identity, even if we would agree with this statement it still begs the question why then not build-up new in-house teams? They have plenty of money to pay the best talents in the industry and to pay for additional space needed, hell, they could even invent their own talent pool, kind of a Nintendo university to instruct young talented people from the ground-up, surely many of them would want to work for Nintendo afterwards.

It is by far the biggest critic I have on Nintendo: Why not use some of your money to build new development teams? It would ultimately result in having much less (quality) software droughts (and would quell most of such critical threads like this one).