Marth said:

For the 100th time:

production numbers are NOT shipment numbers

And for the 101st time:

Of course production numbers are shipment numbers

Do you really think MS/Sony make consoles and stack them up in the backyard of the factory? (there was that humourous thread about a New Zealand landfillwhere Sony digs its PS4 overproduction)..

Every console that is slapped together at the factory is shipped/goes into transit, at best immediately. Storage space at the factory costs alot of money, obviously, and things might mysteriously disappear there). If by shipping we actually mean shipping, then the container contents is either already sold, is going to be sold while on the ship, or in the absolute worst case, some is unsold when the containers are unloaded.

The trick obviously is to distribute the worldwide shipping exactly in a way so that everything is sold and nothing has to be stored when the containers are unloaded. But to sum up for the 102nd time: What is slapped together is shipped.