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DonFerrari said:

I do remember creating some rumor threads like that to verify it. Most certainly we would see some very know users jumping around on the 2.

We do know that every positive SSD news had people complaining that only Sony was being praised by it and that it would only mean 2s faster loading compared to MS.

Oh that SSDthing lol... another way o pick ut who knows what they are talking about and who is just being an echo chamber.

Anyone that says PS5 SSD would just bring 2x faster load times has no idea what they are saying. Its just like with MSDX12 sampler feedback that's a component of the XSX/S velocity architecture. Its how MS can make their claim that having an SSD dislike having more RAM. What it does basically reduces how many textures need to be flushed or pulled into RAM, basically allowing for more efficient use of RAM and a reduced need for storage bandwidth. This is something that the PS5 also does with its GPU scrubbers.

Truth is, the PS5 SSD actually has other specialized hardware that makes it act more like RAM than an SSD. And if anyone knows what that means they would know that it means a lot more than just faster loading times. Its kinda like the extra GPU grunt on the XSX, its not something that you can't use. They don't get that's the same with the PS5 and IO tech, its not something you can't use. It would literally make developing your game easier on the PS5.