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Intrinsic said:
DonFerrari said:

That is the great pleasure of rumor mill, they enjoy the fact that there is no official information and may cook whatever they want. And if Sony for any reason give a forecast of units on the 16th the rumor mill will say that was adjusted because of X or Z. Same with price or anything else. And the rumor guys seem to have taken a special pleasure of making all rumor negative.

Give this is a shot...hell,do it on this forum :). Create two threads.

  1. PS5 APU and SSD expected to perform above expectations.
  2. PS5 APU and SSD rumored to be causing problems.

See which of those two threads generates more traffic. :)

I do remember creating some rumor threads like that to verify it. Most certainly we would see some very know users jumping around on the 2.

We do know that every positive SSD news had people complaining that only Sony was being praised by it and that it would only mean 2s faster loading compared to MS.

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