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thismeintiel said:
PAOerfulone said:

For comparison, the PS4 shipped 7.5 million units by March 2014.
So Sony was previously expecting to ship double that amount for PS5 units through March 2021, before lowering it to the point where they now expect to ship just an additional 3.5 million PS5 units for March 2021.

...I really think Sony is overestimating demand here.

Whatever Sony puts out there, it's going to sell out. Especially if it really is $399 for DE and $449 for the disk. When it comes to hype and mindshare, the PS5 has the vast majority of it compared to the XSS and XSX. MS has fumbled their launch again with the lack of compelling exclusive SW in the launch window. Their focus on cross-gen gaming. Two game reveal events that were mocked. And I still don't think we have seen anything but B/C games running on the actual HW. 

You may not think it's as bad as the XBO launch, which in a vacuum it's not. However, this isn't a vacuum. Xbox has never fully recovered from the XBO launch. MS didn't help when they slowed exclusive output to a crawl. Much that did come out was mediocre and didn't perform well. There's a reason the PS4 can still sell ~200K in NPD, which covers Xbox's strongest region, after being out almost 7 years, while XBO has been below 50K.

Yep it is pretty odd that Sony is having all these rumors of bad yield, consoles burning in manufacturing and last minute redesign when they already put up devkits for more than 1 year, have games running on PS5 every since the formal review... but MS is just "target HW".

Mandalore76 said:
DonFerrari said:
This rumour doesn`t even know math for what it seems.
Sony original production plan was 5M, then they doubled it to 10M. So when they revise it down by 4M it ends up at 11M? That is pretty funny.

The way I understood it was that in July they were expecting to have 10M manufactured by end of 2020, the 15M was supposed to be the amount shipped by end of fiscal year (March 2021).  

The one in July wasn`t really clear if it was year end or fiscal year end... but anyway the 15M is showing first time in this new rumor. The rumor mill for PS5 price, quantity, yield, redesign, etc have been running crazy because Sony is giving information in very specific shows and not really talking to reporters every day like MS been having news in VGC daily.

sales2099 said:

We went from 6-10-15-11. That’s weird that they can’t decide on a hard number. The news also gives me the impression the hardware team just isn’t on the ball.

PS4 did 7.4 million by Mar 2014 and that was them being cheaper and compared to a PR nightmare Xbox One launch. This is not 2013 and its weird they have a high bar when they don’t have the price nor power advantage.

Of course you would give credence on bad rumor for Sony. But what do you think of the fact that couple months away from launch we haven`t seem a single game really running on Xbox Series X (just "target hw"), while Sony have plenty, and only 20 titles "confirmed" to be optimized for Series X? This is official info from their events and the video that was going to be Series S announcement.

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