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Odyssey definitely comes close w/the grander scale & open-world aspect, but ultimately it doesn't quite beat the charm Mario 64 had and still has for me. Maybe it's partly nostalgia, but you also can't deny just how much fun the game still is, and the imaginative nature of the game universe/environments, even if the graphics haven't aged terribly well. Mario Sunshine didn't do much for me between the fairly repetitive tropical environment and weird paint-washing gimmick. It was my least favorite 3D Mario game.

Galaxy games were somewhat a return to form, but wasn't too keen on the constant bouncing from one tiny planet environment to the next or the overworld. Galaxy 2 ironed out these issues somewhat with the more straightforward map system and larger environments. 3D World was somewhat amusing with the simultaneous multiplayer but didn't do much for me otherwise. Felt like Nintendo was trying to bridge the gap between 2D and 3D Mario but it doesn't entirely work. Certainly better than 3D land on 3DS tho. 

So ultimately I'd rank them as such:

Mario 64>Mario Odyssey>>>>>>Galaxy 2>>>Galaxy 1>>>>Mario 3D World>Mario 3D Land>>>Sunshine


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