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ironmanDX said:
They wanted 15 million by march 2021? That's mental. Makes me guess it's credibility from the start tbh.

Yup, that's crazy... but this is Bloomberg, they don't usually peddle uncorroborated rumors. So its the closest to accurate we can get.

PAOerfulone said:

For comparison, the PS4 shipped 7.5 million units by March 2014.
So Sony was previously expecting to ship double that amount for PS5 units through March 2021, before lowering it to the point where they now expect to ship just an additional 3.5 million PS5 units for March 2021.

...I really think Sony is overestimating demand here.

Yup... then again, the PS4 was stock limited all the way through to around April 2014. And I'm sure sony ha a way of gauging demand. What I really take from this is that from whenever they decided to up shipments o 15M, they must have also decided on their pricing. The only way they sell that many units are if their pricing is relatively aggressive.