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Sometimes I have the feeling that some people have the impression that when Nintendo in-house development teams don't come out with something new for some time that it means that they actually aren't doing anything. So even if we count 2020 as bad Nintendo year, do you actually think that these in-house teams were just too lazy that year, that they just took a long break and think: "You know what, the Nintendo Switch sells gangbusters on its own with evergreen titles - why bother to work on something new!" All these teams are hard at work but unfortunately, for us outsiders their work is sometimes invisible, sometimes for as long a 3 - 5 years after their last game. Projects get cancelled, re-worked, evolved, etc... that's just normal in creative jobs. What exactly has Retro Studios done in the last 6 years? Nothing, right? The whole comparisons between Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft and between years is useless! Creative jobs are measured by their ultimate success (both commercially and by acclaim) and not by quantity units (of different games in our context).

Honestly, which AAA developer is better: 1. The one which releases 3 games in 5 years, each selling around 3 mil. or 2. the one that releases only one game in 5 years but sells 25 mil., receives several game of the year rewards and nominations and is generally accepted as an instant modern classic?

The other question we have to ask ourselves? Do we want high quality games that come at a cost (only few releases) or a fair quantity amount of games that come at a cost (only mediocre to good games)?