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I'm 99% sure I haven't seen this posted here. But forgive me if not. 

Microsoft were sitting on the "Xbox News Briefing 2020" which has now leaked online. Revealing now what we already know, but prosaically rather than in commercial form... kinda. Watch it here:

Couple of new facts to be found, such as:

- that Xbox Series X/S will support regular external USB 3.1 HDDs and SSDs for current and last-gen games and last-last-gen games. But not for next gen games. Should be able to plug your current one in and carry on with everything you've already got.

- 20 Xbox Series X optimised games on launch. Doesn't seem like that many tbh.

- The event was supposed to happen sometime this week, judging by comments like "launching Sept 17". 

- Xcloud for all digitally owned games, not just game pass games.

- An as-yet unpublished commercial for Xbox all-access. "Everything you need to play. Get an Xbox console, with 24 months of XBGP Ultimate, 100 games, multiplayer, with EA play coming soon, no upfront cost". I'm expecting to hear this line a lot as the salesmanship all heats up.