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What was the "holiday" sales of PS4/XBone launch?
I seem to recall Xbox doing disproportionately well, despite ultimately only garnering ~1:2.5 market share vs Sony.
I think MS benefits from being strong in US where Christmas/"holiday season" is huge consumer dynamic.
Of course when that dynamic can't be sustained over the long term, it's ultimately irrelevant in the bigger picture.
I do think MS' installment plan/lease (whatever they call it) should help "sales #s", unclear if Sony will follow suit itself.

Regardless, keeping discless price as low as possible will be most critical, not disc version equaling XSX price or $50 lower.
Since any subsidy for discless is virtually certain to be gained back and more (Store commission) no reason to be shy about it.
$100 discount is more than difference in disc drive cost (/possibly PSU?) but $150 could make it even sweeter,
and it's in Sony's interest to sell more discless models than the disc drive version, so why worry about equal attactiveness?
MS not offering discless version of full-4K spec model leaves huge opening for Sony to push full-spec discless model,
if Sony can go beyond $100 discount they make it close enough that it questions the value of XSL for barely less money.
Realistically, they could only offer $100 discount, but also offer it with very attractive bundles that add further value.

For that matter, they could offer discless version of PS4 Pro, albeit primarily relevant to non-core markets that are less wealthy,
that could be very effective in keeping MS from making any gains in those markets where Playstation brand is mostly dominant.