curl-6 said:
mk7sx said:

Jan-Aug using VGChartz (Final YTD in ())

07 NDS 15.1M (29.3M)

08 NDS 14.2M (29.5M)

09 NDS 13.8M (27.3M)

08 Wii 11.9M (24.1M)

09 Wii 8.4M (21.1M)

20 NSW 14.7M (???)

Bloody hell, so it's tracking ahead of DS's peak year in YTD.

Switch is pulverizing almost every estimate and prediction made of it.


2007 NDS was ahead earlier in the year because of Japan.  NDS from June 2006 - June 2007 was burning hot fire, sold like 10M in 12 months.  US/EUR DS stepped up bigger in 2008 vs 07 and then peaked with crazy numbers in 2009 (close to 12M in both markets I think), but by then Japan had dropped off.

NSW 2020 looks like its targeting the same 28-30M that NDS pulled in those three years.  NSW 2021 will challenge 2009 DS numbers in Europe/US IMO and top any DS year.  Pro-model + better supply + better SW lineup + price drops on OG/Lite -- there's just enough potential for growth to counteract the pandemic boost (which may still be a factor next year).