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I waited in line to pick up a Wii when they first came out. The great thing about the Wii is that it is family oriented. Nintendo doesnt put out games that are violent in nature and laced with sex and profanity. Which is great because not all people are interested in games like that. I think the Wii has an excellent variety of games for any age group to enjoy.

 I love the accessories, and the fact that it comes with a game when you buy it. I have a PS3 and I like playing my high end games, like Madden and such on it. But I like the different games the Wii offers that the other consoles dont. This is a great unit, and so much addictive fun for ANYONE who owns one.

I can totally understand the high demand craze for this system. Granted, the graphics are not as good as the XBOX360 or the PS3, but what Nintendo has done is brought gaming back as it should be. No high dollar price to get extras like dvd playing, music, internet, etc. They focused on making this a GAME console. If you want a DVD option, get a DVD player. If you want music, buy an Ipod or a stereo. If you want the internet, buy a computer. Consoles are supposed to be for GAMES. These other high end units have taken that away, although they are great, they are overpriced because of these features.

I say Kudos for Nintendo for making such a fun system, and I am glad to see what a success that it is, and why it continues to be in high demand and sells out. People can appreciate getting a system for the WHOLE famly, and investing in an affordable GAMING console without all of the extra mumbo jumbo at a high priced cost that the competitors offer on their units.

In conclusion Nintendo has rightfully reclaimed it's crown, i've always loved nintendo for the great memories it has given me going back to  the (in my opinion) greatest console ever made the NES, playing classic games such as mario, double dragon, turtles, adventure island 2, and felix. I dont know what it was but growing with the NES was probably one the things i always look back on with fond memories, i'd be up 5am playing it. last gen consoles belonged to sony and rightfully the ps2 was ahead of its time, but I think that everone will agree with me when i say that nintendo is back where it belongs at the top without nintendo there would be no gaming if you think about it was the NES that helped the gaming industry from failing. And this generation the wii will destroy both the ps3 and xbox 360 because the wii has become a pop culture phenomenon and is has deserved its success - ITS ME MARIO !!!!