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Soundwave said:
BraLoD said:
If the Series S can't run games at native 4K why would a Switch 2 be able to?
Only if it's straight-up 1080p upscalling, which the system would do, not the devs.

Nvidia DLSS could do it because you only need to hit 900p-1080p to get 4K. So if Nvidia is giving them a chip with Tensor cores, there's your answer right there. 

Also running Mario Kart 8 (a game that already runs at 1080p on the current Switch) at 4K is much, much different from running say ... a next-gen game at 4K. 

You can't just look at 4K as one standard metric. 

You don't *have* to have Tensor cores to do DLSS. You can perform the necessary calculations on the CUDA cores.

Bofferbrauer2 said:

But they might include bigger textures or textures with a higher resolution to not make the game look too blurry after upscaling. DLSS can only do so much, if the texture is already blurry, it won't be able to sharpen that one beyond the blurryness that it originally had.

As a side effect, this would most probably also mean an extension of the RAM, which will probably go from 4 to 8 GiB. And hopefully a bigger storage while we're at it. 128 GB shouldn't be more expensive now than the 32GB were at the launch of the Switch.

DLSS is A.I upscaling, it does perform a few "tricks" so that shit textures look, well. Less shit. So yes, it will clean up blurry textures.

 It's not just taking a 720P game and forcing it to run at 4k, there is so much more to it.

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