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Fuck you beat me to making this thread lmao.

But yea this is definitely great news for Nintendo and I'm happy to hear they'll be able to produce and thus sell more Switches this year. 30 Million in one fiscal year has only been done once in video game history with the DS having 2 30Million years which is insane. In terms of home consoles, the Wii had a 25 Million year and it seems likely the Switch will be able to beat the Wii's best year this year.

So the Switch right now is in unprecedented territory when it comes to sales right now, most people thought the Switch likely wouldn't hit 30 Million cause Nintendo won't be able to produce that many. However, it's now possible.

I'm totally mindblown from all of this, especially looking back from before the Switch's launch where I was somewhat pessimistic about Nintendo after the Wii U and I predicted the Switch would only sell 30 Million units in it's LIFETIME. Now it's possible the Switch sells that in ONE YEAR. I am so happy my prediction was wrong.

If the Switch has a 30M fiscal year, the Switch would be aproximately at 86 Million sold by March 31st 2021, which is 86 Million sold in 4 YEARS! Wowwww.

IMO I think the Switch will hit 30M fiscal year, even when Nintendo raised production to 25M a few months back they STILL can't meet demand, there's still so much unmet demand at this point for the Switch to capitalize on in the future.