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Crazy crazy stuff. First of all, 30 millions is what I was imagining them to hit this FY a couple months ago, so it makes sense to me. But still crazy to read it being somewhat official, even more before the holidays since it can be increased yet again. It will def sell over 25 millions to consumers this year. Crazy.

Second of all, the 4k thing means they would bring a pro version with a pretty big upgrade. It would help compete with the next gen a little better momentarily while we wait for the official Switch 2 (if it happens.) Feels like there is a lot of interest in buying a pro version and it could keep the sales up next year as well with a banging lineup (Bayo 3, Botw 2, 3D World, SMT V and so on).

Crazy stuff. Nintendo is as healthy as ever. Hope they keep listening to fans and dont get too arrogant, Switch era started amazingly and they totally deserve this.

30 million is DS peak level btw, no doubt Switch will pass 100 millions before the end of next year. It should get in the 120-130 millions range easily now.