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dx11332sega said:
What I'm gonna say is off topic but. Angry video game nerd is 40 years old started gaming on NES.I can imagine Atari fanbase in 50's but IDK? can atari get this fanbase back?

I doubt it.  There was a thread on Atari Age started on this topic in June 2017 that was finally locked in August 2020 after 1,174 pages and 29,345 replies.  It mostly chronicled what a crap show the brand holder rights calling themselves of Atari have made of this.  There are a few people who are going to buy it because of the look of it alone (the 11,000+ indiegogo backers).  But, I wouldn't expect to see any significant retail movement for a Lynx PC with no games for it that you can't already play somewhere else and probably in significantly better quality.