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Chazore said:
AsGryffynn said:

I'm only supporting their tirade, not them. As soon as Apple comes undone, the only thing I will give them is a middle finger (maybe I'll play Fortnite as a way of saying thanks). 

Then wouldn't it be better to support someone that actually has everyone's best interests, and not for their own personal gains?. Some people like to think that Epic is doing it for goodwill, but it's more for power gain and like I said before, a means of personal gains, because this won't stop at just Apple or Google, it'll be consoles that come next on his personal chopping block.

See Apple used to be just like Epic (not a game dev mind you), many years ago. They were once a very small company, that rose and stood against IBM and pulled that marketing trailer stunt, only they actually brought a wave of good competitive products to actually make that challenge legit. What Epic is doing is more akin to a hissy fit, and demanding not just one industry, but multiple adhere to their will and desires, and well, if you ask me, that's a really shitty thing to want, because even if they promise Reagan economical trickling equality, I still know that company will want to be the top dog, the one who wants to control whatever they can get their hands on.

LIke I said, I don't like Apple, but I also don't like Epic, like at all. They've a known track record of simply abandoning shit whenever it doesn't suit them, rather than sticking it through, and an old history of mocking platforms and companies for years. I cannot trust them to do anything good and not desire to control anything else from afar.

I'd rather someone challenge Apple with actual noble intentions and 100% no desire to control an industry, let alone multiple, from winning one case after another (because it never stops at one with big companies).

Sadly, no such a company has taken a stand against Apple, so... I work with what I'm given.