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the-pi-guy said:
Cerebralbore101 said:

Wait so it has the same CPU as the Series X, paired up with a weak GPU? This thing better come with  3-6 months of Gamepass Ultimate!

Same CPU, less RAM, GPU on the scale of XOX + new features like ray tracing.

It's a very clear step up from Xbox One X.

Well yes, of course it's a step up from XB1X. Should be about 1.5 times the performance of XB1X, with some light Ray Tracing, and SSD to boot. Sorry, I was going to say that in my previous post, but wound up deleting it. I had a giant Wii VS XBSS comparison paragraph that I scrapped, once I realized the XBSS was a much larger step up from XB1X, than Wii was from GC.

P.S. I'm getting Wii vibes from the design. Not the graphics, but the tiny white box design for sure.