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MasonADC said:
eva01beserk said:
How Are people saying $300 is a good price? Thats crazy high for what it offers. People are expecting a $400 ps5 digital. If thats the case this console is ridiculous overpriced. The only way I see this as a good price is if the ps5 digital is $500 and the seiries x and regular ps5 are $600, wich I very much doubt that would be the case.

For what its offered? You mean as an entry to next gen games and gamepass?

Entry to what? Gamepass is available on everything and about to even be on phones with xcloud. This offers nothing that we dont already have. Next gen games will also be everywhere for the first couple of years. Wich xcloud is also planing on covering. Not to mention most big publishers are getting into streaming. So this Canot be over $250, and thats with a few months of everything included. 

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