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Intrinsic said:
Norion said:

You mentioned the main reason, price. A capable PC that's at least comparable in power to the XSX will cost about 2-3 times as much and that's not including the monitor since you'll want a good monitor to go along with a capable PC if you're not gonna connect it to a tv. Due to stuff like not paying for online the price difference will be made up over time but the entry cost is far higher and that's a major turn off to a lot of people. Another reason is if most of someone's friends play on Xbox and they play together often though thanks to crossplay that shouldn't really be much of a factor anymore in 2-3 years.

I get the numbers. But this is my counter to that.

Say there is going to be a PC in my house anyway. I am going to be spending around $1000 to build it. And no, I don't need it to be as powerful as the XSX, just need it to be more powerful than the XSS. Which s a 4TF machine.

If I already have a PC in my house, then I may be needing to upgrade the GPU, and again, No... I don't need to put in a $500 GPU in there,I can just throw in a $350 GPU into my existing PC.

Either way, the main thing here is that I have access to everything that comes from Microsoft. I don't need to own an Xbox to access all their content. And funny enough, ti s even the narrative MS is pushing.

If I were to do all that and forgo the PS5, then I am locked out of all the exclusive content that comes to that platform and would only hope that maybe 2-3 years after the release of some of that content it makes its way to the PC too.

If the argument is that "I just hate gaming n a PC" (which I personally do) then I can see the draw to an xbox. But that's kinda silly in of itself. have a decent PC by a 2 years ago upgrade standard with some parts that are probably 3/4 years at this point. And I am due anew upgrade this year or next year. And my budget is $1000. This is something I am going to do regardless of which console I own as I use my PC for a lot of other things. So for someone like me, it's flat out stupid for me to have a $1000 PC and still go and buy an Xbox.

I agree if someone has the money and doesn't play games with their friends on Xbox it's better to go with a PC over the Series X/S. I have a friend who plays on Xbox and the cost is the main obstacle to him getting a PC. If that wasn't an obstacle he would likely switch I think.