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Mnementh said:
Dulfite said:
Which brings me to my third point. Feminism, stages 1/2, are basically supported by the mass (rights for women to vote and rights for women to get paid equally), but third wave (women should be able to murder babies in their womb), and fourth wave (all white women are evil, only minorities should gain more) are the two that many disagree with.

Really? I understand you have an opinion on abortion. But you really needed this sort of inflaming language to express your opinion?

Expecting someone to casually label something they view as a evil beyond comprehension is unrealistic. Roughly 60 millions babies, little humans, the most vulnerable category of mankind, have been legally murdered since the courts decided a woman's inconvenience is more important than life itself. 60 million. No amount of squirming away from the needle, as has been shown in countless videos that those innocent babies try to do, will save them. No amount of kicking their mommies organs, or giggling, or hiccuping will protect them from the wrath of someone that made a choice to have sex (and those are the vast majority of abortions). I'm inflamed, as are millions of others. Are we not supposed to be inflamed by mass injustice?