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Stereotypically assuming, because this site is dominated by men, that we would be sexist is, itself, sexist against men. Not the best start. May want to change the language of the OP.

Secondly, based on my years of experience, this site is significantly left leaning politically, or at least the ones generally commenting are, and lefties are more 3rd wave feminism supporters.

Which brings me to my third point. Feminism, stages 1/2, are basically supported by the mass (rights for women to vote and rights for women to get paid equally), but third wave (women should be able to murder babies in their womb), and fourth wave (all white women are evil, only minorities should gain more) are the two that many disagree with. I don't know any conservatives that don't agree with 1st and 2nd wave feminism, but plenty that disagree with 3rd and 4th. I'd recommend expanding on what you mean by feminism in the OP to avoid confusion.