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JuliusHackebeil said:
From all the interesting things in this thread, there is something, an idea, that does not connect woth me at all. I really don't get why people think it was butt sex.
In my experience you can very easily have vaginal sex with a woman from behind.
On the other hand, I would assume anal sex needs careful preparation with lube. That was not in part 2 at all.
If it was in the vagina or in the butt is of course a non issue for what part 2 is about. But I have seen this so often now, that I felt I had to say something.

Its just a joke, dont worry too much about it. I could explain but that would trigger another discussion here that I dont want to go through. If you want send me a pm and I can explain. Its just a troll joke, although of course it could also be anal sex, we will never know