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EricHiggin said:
Eagle367 said:

Well if we're talking about living in general, it's not all about yourself, it's about everyone and everything and how it all connects together. The suffering if one person has an affect on humanity as a whole no matter how small and whether or not you notice it. But if we talk about suicide, personally, I don't feel like anyone but your loved ones get to have a say in that decision, even if it does affect them. They can talk to you about it, but that's it. A Pandemic though isn't suicide, it's attempted suicide and attempted murder. Kinda like rolling the dice on yourself and others around you. 

If the person was Ellie, then it's still Ellie's decision. There's a difference between choosing to save people and choosing to put them in danger. The second one is either a negative by doing it or a neutral by not doing it while the first is a positive by doing it or a neutral by not doing it. Both choices of the first are better than one of the choices of the second. 

Life is never all about you. Life is always about the community and of course you are a part of that community so your individuality matters in that but individualism is misguided in my opinion. 

And as for what is life all about, that is for every human to decide for themselves. 

If potentially contracting covid and potentially spreading it, leading to yourself/someone else potentially getting sick, injured, or dying, is attempted suicide/murder, then the same would apply to driving. People worldwide could potentially get in an accident, leading to themselves/someone else getting traumatized, injured, or dying. I'd say your over exaggerating but that's just me.

What's the difference if the choice is her's period? If she chooses to off herself, then that was the right choice for her, which should make it a good choice then correct? Unless the world isn't about you and making your own choices that could potentially negatively impact others in some way. Didn't you say, "oh we don't care if you wanna kill yourself", or was that just a joke as well?

If people are given the opportunity to choose, then at the very least, life at times is all about you. Even if your decision was to do what would benefit the community more than yourself, that's still what's best for you, since you made the decision, assuming it was made freely.

If some humans decide life is all about me, me, me, then that would go directly against life being more so a community. Some of those humans clearly exist, and some of them thrive. What's best always comes down to the individual. For some it's more about them, for some it's more about others.

Oh come on, the comparison to driving is misguided at best and dangerous at worst.

And what's best doesn't always come down to the individual. That's something I disagree with. Do individuals make dumb decisions? Sure but that doesn't mean it's best. What's best always comes from when humans come together to achieve something. Civil rights, economic rights, human rights all came about from collective action, not individual action though as I said there is value in the individual. That's why individualism is misguided. Now that doesn't mean that whenever humans come together to do something, it's best because horrible things can happen from the wrong collectivist action as well like Nazism or white supremacism.

Just a guy who doesn't want to be bored. Also