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EricHiggin said:
Eagle367 said:

Oh we don't care if you wanna kill yourself. I don't care for much of a long life either but the question becomes do you want anyone you come into contact with to potentially die or to suffer an illness which might have long term effects we aren't aware of. Could be your friends, siblings, patents, grandparents, that random grocery clerk, the delivery guy/girl, someone whose child you partied with and you gave it to them and they gave it to their parent. 

That's the point with pandemics and epidemics. It's not all about you, it's about other people. If the choice was as simple as just yourself, the world would react a lot more differently. 

I'm not sure where that came from exactly. Yet I can't help but ask, what if that suicidal person was by chance our worlds "Ellie"?

So when it's not a pandemic, then life is all about you and you don't need to care? Is life ever all about you, or just the opposite maybe?

What is life all about exactly?

Well if we're talking about living in general, it's not all about yourself, it's about everyone and everything and how it all connects together. The suffering if one person has an affect on humanity as a whole no matter how small and whether or not you notice it. But if we talk about suicide, personally, I don't feel like anyone but your loved ones get to have a say in that decision, even if it does affect them. They can talk to you about it, but that's it. A Pandemic though isn't suicide, it's attempted suicide and attempted murder. Kinda like rolling the dice on yourself and others around you. 

If the person was Ellie, then it's still Ellie's decision. There's a difference between choosing to save people and choosing to put them in danger. The second one is either a negative by doing it or a neutral by not doing it while the first is a positive by doing it or a neutral by not doing it. Both choices of the first are better than one of the choices of the second. 

Life is never all about you. Life is always about the community and of course you are a part of that community so your individuality matters in that but individualism is misguided in my opinion. 

And as for what is life all about, that is for every human to decide for themselves. 

Just a guy who doesn't want to be bored. Also